1. Premier Wen Jiabao is very busy because he has a lot of international and national ___ to deal with. 
A. accidents B. events 
C. incidents D. affairs 
2. The train met with a terrible ___ and many passengers were injured. 
A. thing B. incident 
C. accident D. affair 
3. The Chinese Revolution, next to the Russian Revolution, is the most important political ___ in history. 
A. business B. accident 
C. matter D. event 
4. To everyone’s great joy, the missing child came back safe and sound ___ a month. 
A. after B. later 
C. in D. behind 
5. — How long ___ was that? 
— It’s been nearly six years now. 
A. before B. ago 
C. later D. ahead 
6. The evening ___ , he played cards with his friends in Mary’s home till midnight. 
A. before B. ago 
C. forward D. later 
7. Look! There are so many birds flying ___ the beautiful lake. 
A. above B. over 
C. on D. through 
8. The city government has ___ to all the citizens that electricity charges will go up next spring. 
A. told B. suggested 
C. announced D. talked 
9. Jack asked Alice to marry him, and she ___ him, but her mother didn’t ___ her to marry such a poor man as him. 
A. accepted; agree B. accepted; allow 
C. agreed; permit D. received; allow 
10. Surprisingly, they finally succeeded in climbing ___ the high mount with its top covered with snow all the year round. 
A. over B. across 
C. through D. on 
11. On June 12, Bryan Allen flew an airplane ___ the English Channel to France. 
A. across B. through 
C. from D. above 
12. As every one of us knows, Stephen Hawkings is one of the greatest physicists ___ in the world. 
A. live B. living 
C. alive D. lively 
13. Great! The wonderful basketball match will be ___ broadcast this evening. 
A. live B. living 
C. alive D. lively 
14. — Would you like ___ to eat, Peter? 
— It’s very kind of you. ___ is OK. I’m not particular about food. 
A. something; Anything B. anything; Everything 
C. something; Something D. anything; Something 
15. The speaker said that ___ nothing was worth listening to. 
A. nearly B. hardly 
C. almost D. never 
16. Young ___ he was, he learned a lot. ___ , his family couldn’t afford his college education. 
A. as; Though B. though; However
  C. although; Yet D. as; But 
17. I don’t like this book. Will you please show me ___? 
A. another B. other 
C. the other D. else 
18. I don’t think Alan is such a clever boy ___ his cousin, who acts ___ a guide. 
A. like; as B. as; as 
C. as; like D. like; like 
19. She really feels quite ___ because she didn’t have any friends in the world. 
A. alone B. lonely 
C. single D. strange 
20. Tom has been to Canada. Harry has ___ been there, and me, ___ . 
A. also; too B. too; as well 
C. also; either D. either; as well 
21. You were expected to read ___ the text, not to cry so ___ as to make others feel uncomfortable. 
A. loud; aloud B. aloud; loudly 
C. loudly; loud D. loudly; aloud 
22. ___ those present at the meeting was Mr Brown, our foreign teacher, who had been in our school for five years. 
A. Among B. Between 
C. In D. Of 
23. While I called, Tom was ___ dressed for the important party. 
A. yet B. still 
C. already D. ever 
24. We are ___ by doctors to eat more vegetables and take plenty of physical exercise. 
A. suggested B. warned 
C. informed D. advised 
25. — What time does the plane ___ ? 
— At 830 am, I’m sure. 
A. reach B. get 
C. arrive D. fall 
26. Don’t talk about your family ___ at this moment; let’s get down to ___ . 
A. business; affairs B. incidents; matters 
C. things; events D. affairs; business 
27. The letter I had been anxiously expecting ___ me just now. 
A. arrived B. received 
C. reached D. got to 
28. He ___ her apology to show that he had ___ a good education. 
A. received; received B. received; accepted 
C. accepted; accepted D. accepted; received 
29. At least you should ___ the fact that you did ___ a warm welcome from the farm workers at the factory gate. 
A. accept; receive B. agree; receive 
C. recognize; accept D. receive; offer 
30. I think he is one of the best men you have ___ found, isn’t he? 
A. never B. ever 
C. once D. even 
31. I had no idea which of the two ties was better, so I took ___ of them. 
A. any B. all 
C. neither D. some 
32. — Oh, which day can I go to see you next week? 
— ___ day is OK except at the weekend. 
A. Any B. Either 
C. Every D. All 
33. I asked her the time, but she didn’t ___ me.
  A. reply B. answer 
C. give D. respond 
34. I was as surprised ___ anyone when they offered me the job. 
A. like B. at 
C. as D. except 
35. ___ the Spring Festival drawing near, people are busier making preparations for it. 
A. As B. When 
C. While D. With 
36. Tom’s work at school is above ___ while Jim’s is below it. 
A. normal B. ordinary 
C. average D. usual 
37. — What’s the ___ temperature of the human body? 
— To tell the truth, I have no idea. 
A. average B. common 
C. usual D. normal 
38. While the English teacher explained how to use the expressions, he stood, trying to keep himself awake, for he was ___ . 
A. asleep B. sleepy 
C. sleeping D. slept 
39. That volleyball match is not a recorded TV performance, it is ___ . 
A. alive B. live 
C. living D. lively 
40. The old woman was afraid to be left ___ in the ___ house. 
A. lonely; alone B. alone; alone 
C. lonely; lonely D. alone; lonely 
41. I ___ my father to give up smoking, but he didn’t listen to me. 
A. persuaded B. suggested 
C. advised D. demanded 
42. It was very dirty, but in the end he ___ to clean it. 
A. managed B. attempted 
C. succeeded D. tried 
43. — Did you go to see the play last night? 
— Unluckily, I couldn’t ___ it. But I am going to see 
it soon. 
A. do B. manage 
C. take D. make 
44. No one can ___ success without effort. 
A. get B. achieve 
C. finish D. complete 
45. Five years’ Harvard University education gave him a(n) ___ over boys who had not been to a world-famous college. 
A. chance B. difference 
C. good D. advantage 
46. — You know what? Tom wants to be Harry Potter after 
he graduates from school. 
— Are you kidding? He will never ___ a person like 
Harry Potter. 
A. make B. turn 
C. change D. get 
47. The girl ___ to be a good dancer if she is well trained in an art school. 
A. expects B. allows 
C. wishes D. promises 
48. This is an extinct ___ of fish. 
A. type B. species 
C. sort D. kind 
49. The boats in the harbour made a beautiful ___ . 
A. sight B. view 
C. scene D. scenery 
50. Encourage your children to try new things, but try not to ___ them too hard.
A. draw B. strike